100 Days of Kindness

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  • ISBN :9781496440785
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :224
  • Publication Date :8-Oct-19
  • Publisher :Tyndale House Publishers

Description :Discover the power of kindness to change your heart, inspire your family, and draw you closer to God.Have you found yourself stagnant in your faith, wondering if there's more to life than just the daily routine? Are you frustrated with your kids' selfish attitudes (or even your own), yet are not sure how to make a lasting change?Discover how practicing intentional kindness can change your family, your community, and your faith with 100 Days to Kindness. Over the next 100 days, receive encouragement and practical insight as you develop a habit of kindness that will help you find and give away the love of Jesus.(Adapted from The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness Devotional)