100 Things to Know When Dating-Pamphlet

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  • ISBN :9781890947408
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :14
  • Publisher :Rose Publishing (Hendrickson Publishers)

Description : This pamphlet covers 100 topics for dating couples to consider as they spend time talking and getting to know each other. Singles are encouraged to slow down and think twice before getting into a relationship that might not be good for them. Questions cover topics such as character, responsibility, Christian faith, honesty, motivation, habits, addictions, and danger areas. Worksheets cover basic tips on seeking God’s will, dating with integrity, and avoiding sexual activity. A tremendous resource for singles of all ages which can serve as a basis for group discussions for teen and singles’ ministries. Some couples use it as discussion topics to work through together.

This wonderful pamphlet measures 8.5″ x 5.5″ and unfolds to 33″.