40 Days In The Word Resource Disc (DVD) *

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  • ISBN :7770200007514
  • Format :DVD
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Publication Date :1-Jan-08
  • Publisher :Saddleback Resources
  • Author :Rick Warren

Description :This Resource Disc contains files that you can use to promote and customize the 40 Days in the Word campaign for your church.

Files include:

• 40 Days in the Word Logo (.ai files): Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) of the campaign logo can be used to create letterhead, internal church correspondence, emails to congregation, website advertising, etc.

• 40 Days in the Word Poster (.psd files): Print and display this Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) campaign poster everywhere!

• 40 Days in the Word PowerPoint Background Slides (.jpg, .ppt, .psd files): Templates for use in sermons, trainings

• 40 Days in the Word Web Banners (.fla, .swf, .jpg, .gif, .ai, .psd files): Place these on your Website, Social Media sites, Blogs, and any other sites your congregation works with.

• 40 Days in the Word Video Promos (.flv, .mov files): Pastor Rick is passionate about 40 Days in the Word, and use these video promos to introduce the campaign a few weeks before start, campaign kickoff day, and on your website.