A Daughter Saved By The King

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  • ISBN :9789811807343
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Description :

A Daughter saved by The King is based on a true story of how a daughter (Elaiyarani) has been saved by Christ (The King) in many unexpected ways in her life. This book helps the readers to discover God's love and faithfulness in their own lives as well. The author has openly shared her testimonies in simple English to be understood by young and old. She virtually journeys with the readers through each chapter and you can see her encouraging and affirmative statements after each chapter to enhance your faith.


About the Author : Elaiyarani Subramaniam

Rani loves to encourage others and she is always willing to share her testimonies. As a passionate tutor, she enjoys ministering to youths and women. Rani also volunteers at Filos Community Service and Safe Place regularly. She is learning Hebrew to have a richer understanding of God's Word. Discovering the adventures of life according to God's leading brings her immense joy!