An Introduction To The Gospels

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  • ISBN :9780687004485
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :256
  • Publication Date :10-Nov-97
  • Publisher :Abingdon Press
  • Author :Mitchell Reddish

Description :This volume provides college and seminary students with a solid, reliable, and interesting introduction to the major issues in Gospel studies and gives them a concise guide to the contents of the Gospels. After two introductory chapters, one discussing the origin, development, and interrelationship of the four Gospels and and another illuminating the world of the Gospels, the book focuses individually on each of the four Gospels. Separate chapters on each Gospel discuss basic issues such as its social setting, purpose, structure, and distinctive themes and characteristics, and provide a section-by-section discussion of the Gospel's contents. A concluding chapter discusses non-canonical gospels that were produced in the early Christian environment, the process of canonization, and the relationship between the Jesus presented in the Gospels and the historical Jesus.