Anger 愤怒 (Chinese Edition)

Handling A Powerful Emotion In A Healthy Way 爱的另一面

  • ISBN :9787501234608
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :NETT
  • Page Count :180
  • Publication Date :1 Jan 2015
  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Gary Chapman

Description :

Learning to deal rationally with anger is a leap toward maturity. There are so many problems that are caused by misunderstood and mishandled anger. Is there any legitimate way to express anger? What does the Bible teach about this? Is anger a "good" thing too?

Emotional guru Dr. Gary Chapman uses professional anthropological knowledge and years of counseling experience to help readers correctly understand anger, learn how to deal with their own or other people's anger, submit their own anger to Christ's sovereignty, from holiness. Learn the origin of anger and its purpose from the God of God, repairing relationships with others, and fulfilling God's good will for you.

为什么有的人像爆竹一样一点就着?为什么那些压抑愤怒而从不发火的人对生活渐渐失去了热情?为什么牙牙学语的小孩子也会尖叫着大发脾气? 从小到大所受的教育都告诉我们发怒是不好的,从小到大的经历也让我们知道发火会带来多大的“破坏”,可是人人都会生气。那么,每当怒上心头的时候,我们要不要表达愤怒,又该怎样表达呢?这对许多人来讲颇为困惑。