Authentic Human Sexuality-3rd Edition

An Integrated Christian Approach
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  • ISBN :9780830852376
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :304
  • Dimensions :226 x 152 x 23 mm
  • Publication Date :3 Sep 2019
  • Publisher :InterVarsity Press (US)
  • Author :Judith K Balswick

Description :Sex pervades our culture, going far beyond the confines of the bedroom into the workplace, the church, and the media. Yet despite all the attention and even obsession devoted to sex, human sexuality remains confusing and even foreboding. What, after all, is authentic human sexuality? That is the question Judith and Jack Balswick set out to answer in this wide-ranging and probing book. Informed by sociology, psychology, and theology, the Balswicks investigate how human sexuality originates both biologically and socially. They lay groundwork for a normative Christian interpretation of sexuality, show how authentic sexuality is necessarily grounded in relationships, and explore such forms of inauthentic sexuality as sexual harassment, pornography, and rape. Since its first publication, Authentic Human Sexuality has established itself as a standard text at numerous colleges and seminaries.

Now this third edition features updated theological and social science research, insights from current neuropsychological evidence, and an expanded biblical model of authentic sexual relationships, along with updated discussion of sexual minorities, same-sex attraction, and LGBTQ issues. A new generation of students, pastors, psychologists, and sociologists engaged in counseling will be indebted to the Balswicks for this study of an endlessly fascinating and perplexing facet of human identity.