Beginner Bible - Vol 2 (DVD)

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  • ISBN :8885008461150
  • Format :DVD
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  • Run Time :81
  • Publisher :Snap! Entertainment Private Limited

Description :The Story of Moses

Encounter a time in ancient Egypt when Baby Moses was plucked from the reeds of the Nile river and grows up to become the hero of the enslaved Israelites. Then, witness Moses’ struggle to free his people from the wicked Pharaoh – and their thrilling journey through the wilderness in search of the Promised Land they would one day call their own!

The Story of Joshua & The Battle of Jericho

Embark on a thrilling journey with the trbes of Israel as they travel into the Promised Land of Canaan, where Joshua must conquer the mighty, walled city of Jericho and its powerful army. Then, marvel at how the Israelites accomplish this amazing deed without swords or armor, as they wage a miraculous battle armed not with weapons, but with their unshakable faith in God.

The Story of David & Goliath

Preparing to battle the mighty Philistines, the soldiers of Israel suddenly found themselves facing a foe none of them dared to fight: the huge warrior-giant, Goliath! Now, learn how a little shepherd boy named David foudn the courage to face this awesome enemy, armed only with a tiny slingshot – an his unshakable faith in God!