Beta-Next Step In Discipleship (DVD)

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  • ISBN :2823
  • Format :DVD
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Run Time :430
  • Publisher :Cru Asia Ltd
  • Author :Neil T Anderson

Description :How do you make God’s Word the most influential force in a Christian’s daily life? Neil T. Anderson and Freedom in Christ Ministries have come together to show you exactly how it’s done. In The Next Step In Discipleship DVD, Neil personally presents each session’s thirty-minute message in a concise and user-friendly format. Use this in a class for new Christians, or let it play the dual role of leading people to Christ and turning them into powerful disciples for God. When we are ready to take the next step with Christ, The Next Step In Discipleship DVD provides guidelines that yield a lifetime of adventure with Jesus!

The Next Step In Discipleship DVD addresses the following topics and more:

• We are children of God, invited to come boldly into His presence

• Even after we are saved we must actively seek the truth of God’s Word

• When we forgive from the heart, we are set free from our past

• The more we know of God’s Word, the less we experience anger, anxiety, fear and depression

This material is designed to be flexible enough to use in a variety of church situations – combine it with a class for new Christians, or allow it to play the dual role of leading people to Christ and helping them become powerful disciples for God.

Disc 1:

• Introduction by Neil Anderson

• Session 1: The Good News

• Session 2: A New Identity In Christ

• Session 3: Living By Faith

• Session 4: Reshaping Our Worldview

• Session 5: Living by the Spirit

• Session 6: Renewing the Mind

• Session 7: The Battle of the Mind

Disc 2:

• Session 8: Emotional Freedom

• Session 9: Forgiving From the Heart

• Bonus Session: The Steps to Freedom in Christ

• Session 10: Godly Relationship

• Session 12: Living on the Right Path

• Testimonies