Bible Handbook Of Difficult Verses, The

A Complete Guide To Answering The Tough Questions
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  • ISBN :9780736949446
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :352
  • Publication Date :1-Apr-13
  • Publisher :Harvest House Publishers
  • Author :Josh McDowell

Description :Josh and Sean McDowell, masters of practical Christian apologetics, team up in this trustworthy resource that helps readers understand and gain assurance about difficult Bible verses and passages.

The McDowells' way of boiling down topics and explaining them clearly helps dispel questions that can confuse people about Christianity or frustrate them in their spiritual growth. Readers will appreciate features such as

a simple, easy-to-access format

straightforward explanations in nontheological language

a summary of key principles of interpretation to help them learn and grow

This is a resource readers will turn to for help in everyday life-one that will help them gain confidence in all of Scripture. Excellent for individuals, churches, and church leaders, as well as personal and pastoral libraries.