Provoking Proverbs

Wisdom and the Ten Commandments

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  • ISBN :9780758667434
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  • Page Count :160
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  • Publication Date :27 Oct 2020
  • Publisher :Concordia Publishing House
  • Author :David Lawrence Coe

Description :

Analyze. Personalize. Memorize.

In a 10-lesson Bible study, suitable for individuals as well as groups, probe the Book of Proverbs in the context of The Ten Commandments and discover a unique view of the wisdom contained in the book. Each of the 10 chapters - one for each of the commandments - offers thought-provoking questions and activities that help readers shed light on that commandment and its application in their lives.

Learn we are called to fear, love, and trust the Lord because He first forgives, loves, and treasures us.

Provoking Proverbs includes some reader tips, leader tips, and an answer guide, and is equally usable for novice students of the Bible as well as more advanced students or groups.