Resurrection Eggs

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  • ISBN :9781602006515
  • Format :Playset
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Publication Date :1-Jan-14
  • Publisher :FamilyLife Publishing

Description :Watch the Easter story come to life for your children! As they open each of these colorful eggs to discover the special object inside, boys and girls will learn in a tangible, unforgettable way what Easter is all about.

- See the wonder of Easter in your child's eyes with 12 colorful plastic eggs.

- Connect with God and your children in a memorable way using 12 life changing object lessons.

- Experience the power of the greatest story ever told with 12 activities full of mystery and fun.

- Guide your family's Easter celebration with the easy-to-read devotional booklet.

- Lead your children to Christ with simple steps and hands-on interactions.