Legendary Woman

Partnering With God to Become the Heroine of Your Own Story

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  • ISBN :9781629998848
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :224
  • Dimensions :209 x 141 x 16 mm
  • Weight :231 gm
  • Publication Date :14 Jan 2022
  • Publisher :Charisma Media
  • Author :Michelle McClain-Walters

Description :

Every woman is a legend in the making.

Legendary women arent just those in the history books or leading in business or politics. They are everyday women--the single mom, the prayer leader, the stay-at-home wife--who choose to say yes to God. That one simple act can create a legendary legacy that lives on from generation to generation and forever changes the course of humankind as we know it.

In Legendary Woman, Bible teacher Michelle McClain-Walters gives flight to the legendary nature in each woman who dares to dream and risk everything to live out her divine purpose. Through the stories of women in Scripture and history, the book presents twelve characteristics of a legendary woman, and challenges you to identify your defining moments--when your destiny intersects with an epic need within your family, community, nation, or your world--and be willing to say yes to the legendary role God has uniquely fashioned for you. In addition, prayers and biblically based confessions, affirmations, and declarations throughout the book will fill you with the confidence you need to embrace who you are at every level.

This is the finest hour in human history to be a woman. The Lord Most High is activating an army of women who will lead, preach, pray, prophesy, and prosper under the active guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every woman has a place in this army. Every woman is a legend in the making. Whether you had a dark past or are the unlikeliest of heroes, you will come to embrace your path as a real-life legend in the making, the very expression of God in feminine form.

Using female world-changers of the Bible, this book will encourage you to forget your past, realize your potential, and say yes to the divine destiny God is revealing to you.