1 Thessalonians Volume 1 DVD: A Spiritual Road Map in a Mixed Up World

A Small Group Study in 1 Thessalonians
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  • ISBN :7770200002410
  • Format :DVD
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  • Publisher :Saddleback Resources
  • Author :Lance Witt

Description :

Life happens fast. Each and every day you make decisions regarding who and what will receive your time, money, and attention. At some point you have realized there is not enough of you for all the demands and, if you are like many of us, you have probably anticipated eternity more than ever during these moments. But what if life is meant to be more than simply waiting for eternity? What if it is meant to be a journey toward eternity?

In A Spiritual Road Map in a Mixed Up World, a study of 1 Thessalonians taught by Pastor Lance Witt, small group participants will work through thought-provoking questions and discussion prompting them to unpack the spiritual road map prepared for the Thessalonians and engage the group in deeper study, application, and prayer.

This curriculum is video-based. Each small group will need one DVD (which provides the teaching), and one study guide for each participant.