Thousand Words

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Description :

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Fred R. Barnard


Images by Kalie Mauldin, Kyrie Ng, Susan Suredhran

Our brains capture moments in images every single day. Often, we do not have words to articulate what we are experiencing, but we often have an image association.  

Thousand Words is a collection of 52 images and questions that allows you to explore the lives and mindsets of people around you. Each image may have a different association to you than it does to someone else, and that's the beauty of pictures. Each image has a unique way of speaking to each person, and we are excited to get to hear how these images do that.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. You can come alongside someone on their spiritual journey by exploring where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. Asking questions and listening attentively can open significant spiritual conversations about Jesus and His Kingdom.

Thousand Words is designed to enable us to listen to what people have to say about their life, spiritual journeys, and additionally to engage in meaningful, deeper conversation with one another. Seeing it merely as a tool for gathering informatoin or a "quick way to the gospel" misses out on the benefits of rewards of listening well. So, listen intentionally, ask meaningful questions, and dig deeper into the lives of those around you. 


1. Which 3 images would you choose to describe your life right now? Why?

2. Which 3 images represent your ideal life? Why? 

3. Which image best describes your spiritual life or what you have experienced spiritually? How so?

4. Which image best represents what you wish were true of your spiritual life or journey? How so?

5. Ask any ather questions you feel may resonate with the person or group.