Mug: Ceramic-On Eagle's Wings, Navy Blue, MUG766

Exposed Clay Base, Eagle Design, Isaiah 40:31

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  • ISBN :1220000139299
  • Format :Mug
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Dimensions :127 x 122 x 91 mm
  • Weight :381 gm
  • Publication Date :22 Mar 2022
  • Publisher :Christian Art Gifts (USA)
  • Author :Default

Description :

The Wings Like Eagles Navy Blue Ceramic Coffee Mug conveys the message of the unshakeable confidence that empowers us when we hope in the LORD.

A bold soaring eagle is laid out in white and black on the front of this ceramic coffee mug. Gold foil accents to indicate light glinting off of its wings are added to the design. The flying eagle overlaps the gold foiled and white lettering that spells out the sentiment.

They will soar on wings like eagles

Isaiah 40:31

The Scripture reference for the verse quoted on the front of the mug is displayed on the back in white block letters.

Isaiah Forty Thirty-one

Both the interior and the exterior of the mug are featured in a glossy blue glaze. A unique exposed clay base on the bottom of the cup adds a natural element to the design. This mug is on the taller side and spacious enough to hold 15 fluid ounces. Handwashing is recommended to keep the mug in its best condition because of the gold foil accents. The mug comes packaged in a printed cardboard gift box that feature an image of the design, sentiment and mug.

With its eye-catching design, this ceramic mug will stand out in any kitchen, so consider gifting this to a close friend from church to instill them with the confidence that only comes from knowing the LORD as they drink from it. The On Eagles Wings Navy Blue Ceramic Coffee Mug pairs nicely when gifted along with the recipients favorite coffee.

  • Eye-catching eagle design
  • They will soar on wings like eagles
  • Isaiah 40:31
  • Ceramic mug
  • Dipped clay base
  • Blue glazed interior and exterior
  • Handwash recommended
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Packaged in a printed cardboard gift box
  • Full-color printed cardboard gift box
  • Capacity: 15 fl oz (444 ml)