Solitude Improved by Divine Meditation

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  • ISBN :9781601787491
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :341
  • Dimensions :139.7x213.36x25.4mm
  • Weight :431 gm
  • Publication Date :30 Dec 2019
  • Publisher :Reformation Heritage Books USA
  • Author :Nathanael Ranew

Description :

This is a scarce book by a little-known Puritan, but was widely read and loved in his day.

The premise of the book is that one should never waste time when alone, for that time could be spent in meditating upon God.

Ranew covers what meditation is, that it is a duty for every Christian, how we can go about that duty, and how meditation is a spiritual pleasure. 

"Absolutely the best treatment of meditation from a Puritan perspective you will ever read. Very thorough, maybe too thorough for some who have never read about the Puritan practice of meditation. If you want an in depth look at how the Puritans meditated, the benefits, the difficulties, the subjects, the need for, and the duty of meditating, this is it."