Infertility Companion

Couples Facing Infertility
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  • ISBN :9780310249610
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :320
  • Dimensions :152 x 229 x 22mm
  • Publication Date :01 Jun 2004
  • Publisher :Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Author :Sandra L Glahn

Description :Endorsed by the Christian Medical Association.A Comprehensive Christian Guide to the Challenges of Infertility* Medical * Ethical * Emotional * Marital * Spiritual * BiblicalInfertility changes everything, shattering dreams and breaking hearts. But hope is available-today more than ever. The Infertility Companion draws on the Bible and on current medical knowledge, including the latest research, to shed light on such questions as:*Can people of faith ethically use high-tech infertility treatments?*How do we make moral, biblical decisions about medical treatment, third-party reproduction, stem cell research, and embryo adoption? *Is God punishing me? *Does God even care?*Will adoption increase our chances of getting pregnant?*How can we reduce the stress of infertility on our marriage relationship?*How can we keep sex from becoming a chore?These theologically trained authors have taught at a variety of conferences on infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption, and they have helped thousands of couples to face the future through their message of encouragement. The Infertility Companion includes discussion questions and a workbook suitable for individuals, couples, or small groups. Full of practical tips and true stories, this book will guide couples past the ethical pitfalls of assisted reproductive technologies as they travel the difficult road ahead.An all-encompassing guide for the Christian infertility patient. Where other books fall short, this "companion" aids the patient not only with the physical and emotional aspects of this journey, but also helps answer the tough spiritual and ethical questions that arise in a couple's desire to conceive.-Julie Watson, Conceiving Concepts