Blessed Be His Name

Revealing the Sacred Names of God

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  • ISBN :9780758667090
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  • Page Count :160
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  • Publication Date :1 Apr 2021
  • Publisher :Concordia Publishing House
  • Author :Kevin Golden

Description :

The Second Commandment: You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.

It's common to hear any variation of the Lord's name yelled out in replacement of an expletive. People hardly bat an eye at it, and it's considered better and more socially accepted than cursing. Yet, God has given us the Second Commandment to never say his name in vain. How did we get to this point?

God is present in His name, claiming us as His own, and giving us everlasting life and salvation. It's time to return back to respecting and honoring the name of the Lord, following the Second Commandment, starting with understanding the power and grace behind it.

With discussion questions for small groups and real-life anecdotes, you can learn what is packaged inside the name of the Lord, and why it should be treated with respect. See how His name is used in various places, such as personal and church life. Let this book be a reminder to all Christians about how to properly use His name in all parts of life.