Fun Bible Sudoku 2 (Bible Puzzle Books)

160 Puzzles Plus Bible Trivia
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  • ISBN :9781597898614
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :288
  • Publication Date :13-Dec-07
  • Publisher :Barbour Publishing, Inc. (Shiloh Run Press)

Description :Fun Bible Sudoku is back for a second volume! Mixing the worldwide popularity of sudoku with Barbour's specialty of Bible trivia, Fun Bible Sudoku 2 provides 160 more puzzles to challenge players on two levels-in their knowledge of the Bible and in their skills of logic in solving the puzzles. One hundred number-based puzzles require the placement of "givens by answering Bible trivia questions, while 60 letter-based puzzles are drawn from words and phrases in scripture. Solving the puzzle grid is then accomplished by careful logic or old-fashioned trial and error. Answers are provided. Don't miss the fun of Fun Bible Sudoku 2!