Christian History Time Line - Pamphlet

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  • ISBN :9780965508292
  • Format :Pamphlet
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  • Page Count :20
  • Publication Date :16-Aug-17
  • Publisher :Rose Publishing (Hendrickson Publishers)

Description :Contains fascinating facts: -From the life of Jesus to the Gutenberg Bible

- From Augustine to the Reformation

- From the spread of Christianity to the spread of Islam

- From the King James Version Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls Available as a wall chart or a pamphlet. Wall chart size: 19" x 26." Pamphlet has 14 panels and fits inside a Bible cover 81/2" x 51/2" Pamphlet unfolds to 38 inches long! Pamphlets come shrinkwrapped in packages of 10, so please order pamphlets in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30, etc.).