Chronic Illness:Walking by Faith

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  • ISBN :9781629956886
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Dimensions :137.16 x 210.82 x 7.62mm
  • Publication Date :06/05/2020
  • Publisher :P&R Publishing Company
  • Author :Esther Smith

Description :Chronic illness disrupts lives and leads to innumerable losses. Physical symptoms and limitation change all aspects of life, leading to unique challenges that are difficult to navigate. Thankfully, God provides his presence, counsel, and eternal perspective to help people in times of physical and emotional suffering.

This 31-day devotional by biblical counselor Esther Smith focuses heavily on practical application, showing people with illness how to release guilt and shame, ask for help, balance work and rest, and get through days of difficult symptoms. Throughout the devotional, she reminds readers to look to the unseen spiritual realities that surround them and to fix their hearts on eternity. You will be encouraged as you consider various ways God is using illness in sanctifying, kingdom-advancing ways to display his glory and work in the hearts of his people.