Churches & Missions Agencies Together

A Relational Model for Partnership Practice
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  • ISBN :9780997120448
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :270
  • Publication Date :1-Dec-16
  • Publisher :Woodlands Evangelical Free Church
  • Author :Ivan Liew

Description :CHURCH-AGENCY PARTNERSHIPS Can be relational instead of transactional guided by Trinitarian values and growing through shared knowledge of good practice. This is a research study and book on church and missions agency partnerships conducted by a Singapore-based team of church and missions agency leaders.


Birthed in the Singapore missions context

Based on and proven by published research

Applied by practitioners in working partnership

REV DR IVAN LIEW is the Missions Outreach Pastor of Woodlands Evangelical Free Church, the missions director for the Evangelical Free Church of Singapore, and an SIM Singapore Council member. His doctoral research at Asbury Theological Seminary focused on optimizing church-agency partnerships for mobilization and member care.


Churches and Missions Agencies Together stands out among many books on missions partnership issues. Written within the Singaporean church-agency context, the issues dealt with and the solutions advanced apply globally. The timely insights cross national, ethnic and linguistic barriers; they are invaluable lessons for mission agencies and churches alike around the world. Indeed, if churches and missions agencies take the lessons to heart and apply the recommendations, we would see stronger partnerships become the norm, and more workers raised up for God’s harvest as churches and mission agencies build better synergy. This is a must-read for missions and church leaders, missionaries and church members alike. I highly recommend it.

----Joshua Bogunjoko, International Director, SIM International