Coping With Chronic Illness

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  • ISBN :9780736927062
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :240
  • Publication Date :15-Feb-10
  • Publisher :Harvest House Publishers
  • Author :Norman H Wright

Description :Nearly 1 in 2 Americans suffer from some chronic condition-either an illness like fibromyalgia or conditions such as migraine headaches or chronic neck and back pain. With numbers like these, it's fair to say we have a health crisis on our hands.

Respected therapist H. Norman Wright, along with Lynn Ellis, a researcher with firsthand experience with fibromyalgia, lupus, and chronic fatigue, shares practical, hopeful answers for those who suffer from what are often called "invisible illnesses."

Readers will benefit from realizing they are not alone even if others don't understand what they are experiencing. They will also find

helpful ideas for managing relationships with their doctors and their families

insight into God's perspective and caring for those who suffer

practical ways to manage the stress, fear, and depression that often comes with chronic illness

Coping with Chronic Illness is the perfect resource for those who struggle as well as for their families and friends, lay counselors, medical professionals, and pastors.