Cover To Cover -Luke

Prescription for Living
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  • Publication Date :15 Jan 2019
  • Publisher :CWR
  • Author :John Houghton

Description :These helpful guides in the Cover to Cover series are ideal for group and individual study. Experience the reality of Bible events like never before and live through the inspiring lives of key characters in Scripture. Learn how to apply God's Word to your life as you explore seven compelling sessions and gain a new depth in your Bible knowledge.Discover why Jesus has written a prescription for our lives

Luke, a Greek doctor and man of learning, records in his Gospel a detailed historical account of Jesus; but he does not consign Jesus to the pages of history. Instead, he shows us how Jesus provides a prescription for living in today's world, and for the future.

These seven sessions will:

Increase your appreciation of Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of Man

Reveal Jesus as the dynamic source of new hope, new politics, new teaching, a new society, new disciples, a new covenant, and a new age

Stir you with the radical impact of Jesus' message and the call to follow Him

Icebreakers, Bible readings, eye openers, discussion starters, personal application make this a rich resource for group or individual study.