The Cross Puzzle

Can You Find The Secret To Unlocking The Pieces?

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Description :

This puzzle, in the shape of the cross, serves as an analogy for the conflict within the human heart and the key to unlocking that conflict.

We recognize that we are made in the image of God. But within the heart of man is a conflict the desire to serve God in conflict with a desire to serve self. Our best efforts are not enough to unlock this conflict. There must be some other solution.

Amazingly, just like with this puzzle, the Bible says there is real and indeed miraculous solution. It does not involve human effort. Instead, one must know the secret to unlocking the heart the belief in the sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus. It involves laying our heart down, letting go and letting God unlock the pieces.

So the solution to unlocking the condition of the human heart lies in Jesus. The solution to the “Cross Puzzles” lies…

… behind the seal!

Open seal only when you have given up on solving it yourself!

Break seal to look inside.