Evangelism occurs at the intersection of the human and the divine, the natural and the supernatural, the practical and the impossible. God calls timid Timothys to "do the work of an evangelist" (2 Timothy 4:5). Flawed, reluctant, sinful, less-than-brilliant proclaimers contribute the human ingredients—making "the most of every opportunity", letting our "conversation be always full of grace" and "seasoned with salt"(Colossians 4:5-6). Then God provides what no human evangelist can—opening up blind eyes, softening hardened hearts, and drawing people to Himself.  —  Mere Evangelism, Randy Newman

Believers, often times, have difficulty sharing their faith because they aren't quite sure how to bring up the topic, usually for fear of offending someone. When conversations turn to religion, sometimes one of those involved throws out a question, a comment, or a detail that attempts to trap the believer into showing ignorance of the Holy Bible or saying something to avoid the topic altogether. Many times, the believer may be left floundering for the right words to bring the discussion back on track, feeling helpless, ignorant, or foolish overall.

Everyone can be a Christian Influencer! Let us learn how to share His story and influence others for Christ in this digital age. Check out these recommended reads to be READY at all times for the spiritual conversations God brings our way.

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