Defeating Dark Angels (Revised Edition)

Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life
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  • ISBN :9780800798116
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :304
  • Publication Date :4-Oct-16
  • Publisher :Baker Publishing Group
  • Author :Charles H Kraft

Description :A Practical, Complete Guide to Defeating Demons

Demonic oppression is a very real spiritual phenomenon, yet it remains a terrifying and misunderstood subject for many Christians. What does the Bible say? Can demons exert power over Christians? Can a Christian be possessed? How do you know if a problem is psychological or spiritual?

In this revised edition of Defeating Dark Angels, Dr. Charles H. Kraft, a retired evangelical seminary professor and experienced deliverance minister, reveals everything you need to know. With clarity and biblical insight, he explains

* why and how dark forces come against God's people

* our authority as Christians over demons

* how to resist the influence of demons

* how to break their hold on the lives of others

* the need for continued healing and care after deliverance through counseling

Weaving practical application with firsthand accounts of demonic activity in the lives of real people, this is your complete guide to defeating dark angels and ministering God's freedom to others.