Depression: Looking Up From The Stubborn Darkness-Chinese 走出死荫幽谷

走出死荫幽谷:忧郁症重生之歌 Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Songs of Depression Reborn

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  • ISBN :9787542654731
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :Edward T Welch

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                                              ——毕哲思(Jerry Bridges)



                                         ——斯科蒂·史密斯(Scotty Smith)



                                    ——辛克莱·傅格森(Sinclair B. Ferguson)



                                       ——鲍勃·勒平(Bob Lepine)


This book can encourage friends suffering from depression to become partners with relatives and friends who love them deeply; suffering should not be a lonely journey. If you have depression, please read this book with a wise friend. If you want to help others, quickly invite friends who suffer from depression to read this book with you, or choose specific chapters to read together.

Today, depression has become a widely concerned mental illness. According to statistics in the United States, 70% of pastors are struggling with depression. Some people rely on drug treatment to get out of the valley, but they still often face the crisis of relapse; some people still hide in the dark corner and suffer from depression. Combining his years of professional counseling experience and insights into the truth of the Bible, the author writes down many suggestions for depression with warm writing and deep empathy, opening the way to rebirth for those suffering from depression. Experience the joy of life.

Although this book is written for people suffering from depression, it will be of great help to our relationship with God and others. Reading this book has benefited me a lot.

                                              —Jerry Bridges

                                              Author of "Trust God: Even When Life Suffers"

An extremely important, relevant, and helpful book. The wisdom the author brings to us comes from a heart shaped by the gospel and deeply sympathetic to people. This is a must read, a book that must be shared with others.

                                         —Scotty Smith

                                         Senior Pastor, Franklin Christian Community Church, Tennessee, USA

It's rare to find gospel knowledge, biblical wisdom, personal compassion, and long-term counseling experience packed into every page of this book. The author is like an experienced spiritual pharmacist, prescribing a divine prescription for us to fight depression.

                                    —Sinclair B. Ferguson

                                      Professor, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, USA

I have always relied on the insight and guidance of the author and the Christian Counseling and Education Association in understanding the depression that afflicts the souls of many today. For readers who want to do more than just deal with depressive symptoms, the author's counseling is invaluable.

                                       —Bob Lepine

                                        Co-organizer of "Family Life Today"