Dictionary Of Contemporary Religion/Western World

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  • ISBN :9780851119823
  • Format :Hardback
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  • Page Count :336
  • Dimensions :158x238x38mm
  • Publication Date :18 Jan 2002
  • Publisher :IVP UK / Macmillan Distribution Int'l (SPCK)
  • Author :Christopher Partridge

Description :During the past century the religious landscape of the Western world has changed dramatically. Most of us now live in multi-faith societies, and modern transport and communications have increased our awareness of other cultures and communities. The last fifty years have seen a massive proliferation of new and alternative spiritualities. Effective Christian ministry and mission thus requires a basic grasp of the beliefs and practices of other faiths. Drawing together the best in conservative Christian scholarship, this dictionary provides concise discussion and analysis of contemporary religion, in the context of modern and postmodem culture. The volume has a bipartite structure: Part One consists of introductory articles dealing with general issues in religious studies and theology; Part Two contains articles on the principal religions and new religious movements found in the West. An accessible work of reference, the Dictionary of Contemporary Religion in the Western World will be an indispensable tool for scholars and students, teachers and minister. Christian workers, and anyone seeking an informed understanding of today's religious plurality.