Dictionary of the Old Testament Historical Books

A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship
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  • ISBN :9781844740949
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  • Page Count :996
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  • Publication Date :20 Jan 2006
  • Publisher :IVP UK / Macmillan Distribution Int'l (SPCK)
  • Author :Bill R Arnold

Description :"The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books presents articles on numerous historical topics as well as major articles focused on the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah. Other articles focus on the Deuteronomistic History as well as the Chronicler's History, the narrative art of Israel's historians, innerbiblical exegesis, text and textual criticism, and the emergence of these books as canonical. One feature is a series of eight consecutive articles on the periods of Israel's history from the settlement to the postexilic period, which forms a condensed history of Israel within the DOTHB.". "Syro-Palestinian archaeology is surveyed in one article, while significant archaeological sites receive focused individual treatment. Other articles delve into the histories and cultures of the great neighboring empires - Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia and Persia - as well as lesser peoples, such as the Ammonites, Edomites, Moabites, Philistines and Phoenicians. In addition there are articles on architecture, agriculture and animal husbandry, roads and highways, trade and travel, and water and water systems."--Jacket.