Discovering God: Devotional Journey through the Bible-Chinese 寻便寻见

寻便寻见: 杨腓力手把手带你灵修

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  • ISBN :9787510433252
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :D2
  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :Philip Yancey

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The Bible tells many true and wonderful stories—the stories between God and his children, but the vast ancient history often restricts our eyes to fragmented and fragmented fragments, and the pages always make us look at the stories in a flat way. People and things, even only isolated truths are extracted.

In this book, Philip Yang uses his insight as the needle and language as the thread to thread through 180 important texts in the Bible, and leads readers to discover God’s revelation to mankind in various periods of history through the way of spiritual reading. God's will—from the moment of creation until the end when the whole world is changed and all things are returned to God's plan.

This book may be the starting point of your lifelong habit of reading scriptures. You are invited to start a journey of searching with Philip Yang, discover God, and then know him.