Embracing Soul Care

Making Space for What Matters Most
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  • ISBN :9780825436703
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :295
  • Dimensions :146x208x16mm
  • Publication Date :30 Jun 2006
  • Publisher :Kregel Publications
  • Author :Stephen W Smith

Description :We live in a high-maintenance world--cars, homes, computers, and even relationships need continual attention. But what about our souls, the center of our selves where our passions, gifts, and individuality unite? Do we ever consider what it means to care for our souls? In a world where the quick fix and instant gratifications are many people's most immediate focus, author Steve Smith invites the reader to focus on what truly matters most--the lifelong process of nurturing our souls by focusing on relationships, spiritual and personal growth and healing, and living out God's purpose for our lives. Step off the hamster wheel of endless activity and purposeless action to find a deeper sense of self and spiritual transformation. Foreword by Dr. Gary Chapman.