Every Good Endeavour-Chinese 工作的意义

工作的意义——在职场中活出信仰 Connecting Your Work to God's Work
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  • Author :Timothy J Keller

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——《评论杂志》(Comment Magazine)


——福音联盟(The Gospel Coalition)

Why do you want to work? Why is the work so hard? How to find fulfillment at work? This book will help you find the answers to these three questions. With his solid theological foundation and rich pastoral experience, Keller clarified to readers the Christian view of work, how the wisdom in the Bible can help us understand and deal with the most difficult problems in work, and how to combine faith and work. Readers will discover that the Christian view of work—serving others, not yourself—is the key to a great career.

This book is suitable for ordinary readers who are Christians and care about justice; I firmly believe that this book will become a classic in the 21st century on how to combine work and faith!


    This book is full of wisdom and easy to understand, and it will become a classic work on faith and work. Timothy Keller has a solid theological foundation and rich pastoral experience, which make this book very weighty.

—Comment Magazine _

  Another masterpiece...this beautifully crafted book shows us that we can be fulfilled and happy at work while doing it to honor God and serve others.

—The Gospel Coalition