Evidence for the Resurrection-Pamphlet

Answers to Skeptics' Questions
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  • ISBN :9781890947972
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  • Publication Date :16 Aug 2017
  • Publisher :Hendrickson Publishers & Rose Publishing
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Description :Was Jesus a real person? Is there evidence that he rose from the dead? Can we trust the witnesses? Skeptics have always had their questions about Jesus and his miraculous resurrection. The bestselling Evidence for the Resurrection pamphlet answers each question and addresses each theory with historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs. A full color, glossy pamphlet presents 12 panels of evidence and logic that has convinced critics over the years and equips believers to point skeptics in the right direction. Perfect for Easter, Resurrection Sunday, discipleship, new members, confirmation, and outreach.

Evidence for the Resurrection addresses 11 of the common objections and theories held by skeptics. They include: Skeptics Objections Objection #1 Jesus was a mythological figure Objection #2 Jesus was just a man Objection #3 Jesus followers made it all up Objection #4 The witnesses were unreliable Objection #5 The physical resurrection of Jesus was not that important to the early Church Objection #6 The New Testament is not reliable Objection #7 The resurrection is not important Skeptics Theories

Skeptics Theory #1 The eyewitnesses hallucinated Skeptics Theory #2 Jesus did not die on the cross Skeptics Theory #3 Jesus body was stolen Skeptics Theory #4 Everyone went to the wrong tomb For each of the skeptics objections and theories, Evidence for the Resurrection provides an answer from the Scriptures eyewitnesses, historical Church documents, and ancient archaeology records, among others. The responses cause even long-time believers celebrate the glory of the resurrection with each reading.The pamphlet also includes a one-page answer to the question,What is the Resurrection? and a page of Closing Statements, that includes additional strong evidence of Jesus, and evidence of the resurrection