Excellent Way, The

365 Readings to Transform Your Life
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  • ISBN :9780340979839
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :416
  • Publication Date :8-Oct-15
  • Publisher :Bookpoint Limited UK
  • Author :R T Kendall

Description :THE EXCELLENT WAY is an anthology of readings from popular author R. T. Kendall that gives his readers a fresh word from God for each day of the year.

Drawing from all of R.T.' s most popular books, including TOTAL FORGIVENESS and DID YOU THINK TO PRAY?, each devotion captures the essence of R.T.'s teaching, inspiring the reader to follow in Paul's footsteps in living the 'most excellent way'.

R.T.'s down-to-earth, biblical teaching has encouraged readers around the world to live a life of faith, and is the perfect start to each new day.