Faithful Endurance

The Joy of Shepherding People for a Lifetime
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  • ISBN :9781433562655
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :160
  • Publication Date :30-Apr-19
  • Publisher :Good News Publishers/Crossway
  • Author :Collin Hansen

Description :"This book will prove to be a spiritual tonic for pastors." --Thomas R. Schreiner

This book offers pastors examples of long-term faithfulness in ministry and practical wisdom from veteran pastors for real-life issues.

Attending to your personal spiritual life (Tim Keller) Leaving a church

(D. A. Carson) Crafting sermons week after week

(Bryan Chapell) Facing criticism

(Dan Doriani) Pastoring a church you wouldn't attend (Tom Ascol) Caring for your wife in the midst of criticism

(Juan R. Sanchez with Jeanine D. Sanchez) Feeling deserted by members leaving (Dave Harvey) Pastoring a small church that seems insignificant

(Mark McCullough) Experiencing burnout

(John Starke) Shepherding a church that has outgrown your gifts

(Scott Patty) Handling financial burdens

(Brandon Shields) Doubting your calling

(Jeff Robinson Sr.)