Family You've Always Wanted, The

Five Ways You Can Make It Happen
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  • ISBN :9780802472984
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :254
  • Publication Date :4-Oct-08
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :Gary Chapman

Description :Many feel bombarded by images and experiences of broken families. This is not how God intended families to be! So often we examine the traits of unhealthy families, but Gary Chapman paints a biblical portrait of what a loving, stable family looks like. This book is not just to be read, but experienced. Chapman details five timeless characteristics that create a healthy family environment:

A heart for service Husbands and wives who relate intimately Parents who guide their children Children who obey and honor parents Husbands who love and leadIn Dr. Chapman's own words, What happens to your family does make a difference not only to you and your children, but to the thousands of young observers who are in search of a functional family.