Finding Your Yes

Living a Life That's Open to God's Invitations

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  • ISBN :9780830847860
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  • Page Count :168
  • Dimensions :213 x 140 x 13 mm
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  • Publication Date :1 Jul 2021
  • Publisher :InterVarsity Press (US)
  • Author :Christine E Wagoner

Description :

Finding your yes is all about living a life of openness to the invitations of God in our lives.

Christine Wagoner, a senior leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, invites readers to be attentive to the movements of the Spirit and engage with opportunities God gives them. She shares about her own yes moments as well as those of others. And she offers practical tools for moving toward yes.

There is a significant journey that gets us from no to yes. It is a profound journey of heart, soul, and mind. A journey filled with risk, excitement, pain, and joy. A journey of growing our character and knowing God intimately. Andwith questions both large and smallit's a journey we take again and again throughout our lives.

Would you like to live into your yes?