Five Love Languages of Teenagers, The

Parent Study Guide
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  • ISBN :9780633019815
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :96
  • Publication Date :20-Mar-07
  • Publisher :LifeWay International
  • Author :Gary Chapman

Description :The Five Love Languages of Teenagers - Parent Study Guide by Dr. Gary D. Chapman takes on the challenge of spanning the proverbial _x0093_generation gap_x0094_ between adolescents and adults. Using this six-session study, parents and student ministry leaders will learn that even teens understand and show love in different ways _x0097_ some prefer gifts, others physical affection, and still more respond to words of affirmation. These are some of the _x0093_five love languages_x0094_ that the author explains in the introductory video and subsequent 20-minute video segments. Although these resources won_x0092_t teach you the latest phrases in the world of slang, they are invaluable for anyone who has a responsibility and a heart for today_x0092_s teenagers. Because communicating with teenagers is far easier when they know they are loved.