Four Loves-Chinese


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  • ISBN :9787567580992
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :C S Lewis

Description :


Love, in our age, perhaps more than in any other, has become the greatest, or the last, of man's pillars. But this pillar, in our time, perhaps more than in any other, has become extremely fragile and crumbles at the touch of a finger.
   This crisis is of our own making - we often fail to think through love, see it too simply, or confuse it with other things; we often only replace one kind of love (such as the love of men and women) Love, the vision becomes too narrow; we often put too much trust in love or almost worship it, and regard it as God - the "Bible" says "God is love", but love in the world is not God!
   It is as if a man were to use the legs of a table as the pillars of his house, or to think that a single pillar would hold up the whole house, or that he could do without a foundation if he had several pillars!
   CS Lewis will let you understand how many pillars support the building of life, and what kind of foundation these pillars need to have...
   In this book, the author takes us to know all kinds of love, think about all kinds of love, To experience all kinds of love, including: material love, love love, friendship, love, benevolence.