Frames of Mind Card Set

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  • ISBN :7770200007088
  • Format :Tract
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  • Publisher :Cru Asia Ltd

Description :This is an evangelism tool that can be used to start soul-winning conversation. Other than talking about last night’s drama series on TV, football matches and weather, there is now a tool you can use to lead your conversation to spiritual things and do witnessing for Christ.

Frames of Mind comes with:

• 30 original photographic images on 4″x 6″ cards

• Instruction of use

• 20 smaller cards for you to write down contact details for follow-up purposes

Show the cards to someone and ask them to pick anything from 1 to 5 cards that reflects their perspective on life, beliefs or feelings. Then, with the use of the instruction (optional), explain the cards and naturally transit to sharing about God’s plan for salvation.

It takes only less than 5 minutes to learn or teach the game, it can be used with a stranger, in a bible study or with a friend. Some people even use it for discipleship purposes.

• Helps you connect with people and emphasizes on listening

• Designed for a post-modern generation but effective with all ages