Getting Over Yourself

Trading Believe-in-Yourself Religion for Christ-Centered Christianity
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  • ISBN :9780802423078
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :176
  • Dimensions :213 x 137 x 18 mm
  • Publication Date :4 May 2021
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :Dean Inserra

Description :Is trying to be the best you actually ruining you?

From living your best life to self-actualizing, finding your destiny, and waiting on the best to come, the contemporary messages of the world exhort us to believe that we are promised and entitled the biggest and best life can possibly offer. But is that actually what Jesus promises? Is that even close to the message of the gospel?

Getting Over Yourself is a call for Christians to reject these hollow messages of personal prosperity and to return to the humble truths of the gospel. Youll learn how to identify this insidious, popular theology in culture and churches and examine its devastating effects. And, perhaps most importantly, youll learn how to combat it with gospel truth that leads to the abundant life Jesus actually desires for His people. Discover the beauty in losing yourself—and ultimately in gaining Him.