God's Grace DVD - THEO

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  • ISBN :5099962407397
  • Format :DVD
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Run Time :55
  • Publisher :KI Entertainment Pte Ltd

Description :The animation series of Theo guides children and adults through a careful study of systematic theology. Theo discusses doctrines about sin, God’s character, the Bible, salvation and godly living with easy-to-understand illustrations that make children want to learn more about the Christian faith.

Godʼs Grace is the second volume in the Theo DVD series. It contains:

• Episode 4: Armor of God (approx. 10 mins.)

• Episode 5: Redemption (approx. 10 mins.)

• Episode 6: New Birth (approx. 9 mins.)

• Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)

Also included are four bonus features:

• Theoʼs Fireplace

• From Pencil to Pixel

• Slideshow of Background Art

• Overview of Shoebox Bible Theatre

Total Running Time: Approx. 55 mins.