Growing Deep In Faith 扎根于信 (简体) - Chinese Simplified

  • ISBN :9789811419010
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :NETT
  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Edmund Chan

Description :



曾金发在这本简洁实用的书里挑战我们认为自己了解的所谓信仰,也从新检讨我们如何查经读经。带着智慧和深奥的慧眼,他开导般地解释坚强的信心并不只是属于所谓‘超基督徒’,而其实是简单 - 每个人都可以(也应该)拥有的 - 因为信心并非关于我们,信心完全是关于神!



Life is complicated. Numerous problems came suddenly. We began to doubt and our confidence began to waver.

How can we build a sound confidence to face the challenges of life?

In this concise and practical book, Edmund Chan (Zeng Jinfa) challenged the so-called beliefs we thought we knew, and also re-examined how we study and read the Bible. With wisdom and profound insight, he enlightenedly explained that strong faith is not just a so-called "super-Christian", but is actually simple-everyone can (and should) have-because faith is not about us, faith--It's all about God!

This kind of faith focuses on God. When you really see God, look to God, and therefore understand who God is, your faith will prevail over the problems and challenges in life. This kind of confidence is not only used to remove the mountains, but should be lived out every day in the face of life.

Always, everything is about God. When you read this book, you will find that God's heart is so big, better than you can imagine. If you are rooted in God, your faith will be deeper.