Human Sexuality

A Christian Perspective (Learning about Sex)
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  • ISBN :9780570035688
  • Format :Hardback
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  • Page Count :224
  • Publication Date :1-Nov-02
  • Publisher :Concordia Publishing House

Description :Praised by teachers, parents, pastors, and doctors, this series has stood as a leader in Bible-based sex education for more than 30 years. Each book in the series helps children see sex as a good gift from God to be used responsibly.In a positive, Christ-centered manner, The New Learning About Sex series helps you cultivate open and honest communication about sex, present accurate, age-appropriate information, and explain physiological and socio-psychological aspects of sex. The series includes a parent's handbook to help you deal sensitively with your children through all their stages of development.This book helps adults better understand their own sexuality and its place in their lives. Addresses important aspects of sexuality including the spiritual, emotional, and physical.