Infants and Children in the Church

Five Views on Theology and Ministry
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  • ISBN :9781462751105
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  • Publication Date :15-Nov-17
  • Publisher :LifeWay International
  • Author :Adam Harwood

Description :A congregation rejoices when a new child is added to its midst, yet the church often wrestles--in both theology and practice--with how to best receive and minister to infants and children entrusted to her care.

Frequent questions arise like:

> How are infants and children impacted by sin?

> How does God treat people who die in their infancy or childhood?

> When and how are children considered members of the church?

> When and how are children instructed in Christian doctrine?

Infants and Children in the Church addresses these critical and sensitive questions from a variety of rich traditions, including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, and Baptist, so that Christians can make the most of every opportunity as they minister to children.