Interlinear KJV/NIV Parallel NT in Greek / English

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  • ISBN :9780310950707
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :777
  • Dimensions :171x248x46mm
  • Publication Date :22 Jan 1991
  • Publisher :Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Author :Alfred Marshall

Description :The Interlinear KJV-NIV Parallel New Testament does three things for you. It sets the popular, classic King James Version and the best-selling, contemporary New International Version side by side so you can easily compare them. It directly relates Greek words in the Nestle's Greek text to their corresponding translations in the KJV and NIV texts. And it allows easier reading of the Greek New Testament. These advantages offer you a better understanding of the Bible as a result. This proven study tool uses Alfred Marshall's interlinear English text--the standard, widely used literal translation of the Nestle's Greek text, 21st Ed.. A generation of students, pastors, and scholars has relied on Marshall's renowned contribution to biblical study. The Interlinear KJV-NIV Parallel format will bring new depth, perspective, and insight to your Bible studies.