Jerusalem Under Other Kings, Volume 1

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  • ISBN :9789811465093
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  • Publication Date :Aug 2020
  • Publisher :Alfred C.H. Yeo
  • Author :Alfred C H Yeo

Description :

What was the "Writing On The Wall"? Who was involved and what was the result?

The fall of Babylon to King Cyrus the Great of Persia.

The writer takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery and understanding through the vision and dreams of Daniel recorded in Chapters 6 to 12 of his book. God’s people were displaced and divided. Far from their homeland, with no King or land of their own. Many were exiled, including Daniel, in hostile, idol-worshiping cities.

Daniel alights upon the prophetic restoration of the Judean people from their 70 year exile in Babylon to Jerusalem, a mission to rebuild the Temple and redevelop the city.

Read all about the fulfillment of God’s promise to restore his people and Temple worship 70 years after the destruction of Solomon’s Temple.

Chronologically, the writer unfolds the story of a young Jewish village girl, Esther and her incredible rise to become Queen of the Persian Empire. In so doing, God used her to deliver the Jewish people from a despicable plan to annihilate them from the face of the earth.

Further, God’s favour upon His people through another Persian Emperor, allowed Ezra, the faithful scribe and teacher of God’s Law to go and teach the Law in Jerusalem and its surrounding regions. God was thus restoring and rebuilding the spiritual lives of His people too.


Rev Dr David Huntley

Retired OMF missionary – serving in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong……. Director of Far East Broadcasting Associates

The Last Kings of Judah - Volumes 1 & 2. This type of book indeed fills a need and gives an exceptionally clear view of the history of the Hebrew monarchies. I wish I had had a copy of those opening diagrams while I was at London Bible College (LBC)! The books should be on every minister’s book-shelf, so I hope that the publisher will sell it widely!

I imagine the LBC library would welcome such literature as yours, because as far as I can make out, there is nothing quite like them in the Christian book shops here.

Your recent book “Jerusalem Under Other Kings” is FAR deeper and more explicit than anything we got at London Bible College. Formerly I long to have help for my reading of the Old Testament.

* *


The timelines, maps, diagrams and pictures are immensely helpful and interesting;- Your style is readable and accessible to the lay person. You add interesting details that are missing from commentaries, and you draw important Biblical and pastoral lessons in your writings; Your work will be a good resource for understanding a big part of the Old Testament, which unfortunately remains hazy for many Christians. --  Mr Liew Cheng San the pastoral staff of Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, English service.