Knowledge Of The Holy-Chinese 智慧的开端


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  • Author :A W Tozer

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Human beings long to know the unknowable, understand the incomprehensible, and approach the inaccessible. This desire comes from the image of God in human nature. Abyss responds to abyss, and although the soul of man is polluted and bound to the earth by that catastrophic fall of what the theologians call it, the soul of man feels his origin and longs to return to its source. How is this possible?

The Bible's answer to this is very simple, "through our Lord Jesus Christ". In and through Christ God perfectly reveals himself, though he reveals himself not to man's reason, but to man's faith and love. Faith is the organ of knowledge, love the organ of experience. God came to us through incarnation; he reconciled us to himself through redemption, and we can through faith and love.

Get close to him and grab him.